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Making Your Yard More Welcoming

When guests arrive at your house, what does your front yard say to them? Although it might be easy to write off your lawn or forget about those flowerbeds, the fact of the matter is that your home can say a lot about you as a person. If you maintain a well-groomed, beautiful lawn, your home will look more put-together and organized. On the other hand, grass laden with weeds might make other people think twice about working with your business or having you over for dinner. I want every homeowner to take a good, hard look at their landscaping, so that they can keep their yard from holding them back.


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3 Creative Ways To Tame That Slope In Your Yard

Owning a home built on a slope can be challenging. In order to prevent erosion, it's often necessary for these slope-dwelling homeowners to build a retaining wall. If you don't like the look of traditional retaining walls, but you need the support they provide to your landscape, then here are three creative ways you can use to tame the slope in your yard.

1. Create a terrace garden.

If your yard is home to a steep slope, you can use a technique known as terrace gardening to prevent erosion. Rather than building a single retaining wall, terrace gardening requires that you build a series of smaller walls to keep soils in place.

With materials like treated wood, natural stone, and brick available for use when building a terrace garden, it's possible to customize your garden to suit your design style. Not only will a terrace garden help stop soil erosion, but it will also increase the amount of green space available in your yard.

2. Use your slope to display garden art.

Sloped areas provide the perfect opportunity to create a visual masterpiece in your yard. Using plants like boxwood hedges and colorful flowers, you can create garden art. Try planting the boxwood hedges in a recognizable pattern, like an "X" or a triangle. Fill in the empty space with colorful flowers to add visual interest.

Since your flora will be planted on an angle, the design of your masterpiece will be easily visible from your home or yard. By incorporating garden art into your landscape design you get a natural retaining wall that prevents erosion and lends beauty to your outdoor living space.

3. Turn your slope into additional entertaining space.

If you enjoy hosting friends and family for backyard get-togethers, then converting your slope into a multilevel deck could be a good option. These types of decks provide a valuable service by preventing soil from eroding away, and they increase the amount of space available for casual gatherings.

Just be sure that you carefully measure your support posts, and watch that the concrete securing these posts in place dries correctly to ensure your deck's flooring is level. Multilevel decks make use of space that might otherwise remain vacant, and can add value to your home.

Keeping the soil on your yard's slope in place doesn't have to mean that you compromise the aesthetic of your landscape. Using creative options like a terrace garden, garden art, or a multilevel deck to tame your slope will help you better enjoy your yard. For more ideas, visit a landscaping company like Landscape Installation by St Boniface Landscaping.