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When guests arrive at your house, what does your front yard say to them? Although it might be easy to write off your lawn or forget about those flowerbeds, the fact of the matter is that your home can say a lot about you as a person. If you maintain a well-groomed, beautiful lawn, your home will look more put-together and organized. On the other hand, grass laden with weeds might make other people think twice about working with your business or having you over for dinner. I want every homeowner to take a good, hard look at their landscaping, so that they can keep their yard from holding them back.


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Two Types Of Irrigation Systems You May Want To Install

Making sure that your lawn and garden beds receive enough water is an important task for anyone that cares about the appearance of their yard. However, the process of watering these plants can be extremely labor-intensive and time-consuming if you are attempting to do it manually. For those that are wanting to minimize the amount of work that must be done to maintain their landscaping, there are a couple of DIY irrigation systems that they may want to consider installing to reduce this workload.


Sprinkler systems can be one of the most inexpensive irrigation options. It is possible to use these devices without needing to install elaborate systems as there are small mobile sprinklers that can be purchased from most home improvement stores. However, these systems will need to be manually started, and they should be rotated around the yard to ensure that all of your plants receive water.

For those that are wanting an automated sprinkler system, it will be necessary to install permanent sprinklers, as well as a control system. As a result, this type of project is typically not one that a homeowner should attempt to do on their own as they may inadvertently cause significant damage to their landscaping.

Drip Systems

While sprinklers can be a common watering solution, they can be wasteful. For individuals that live in arid areas or communities that frequently experience droughts, sprinklers can quickly become too expensive. Luckily, a drip irrigation system may allow you to help your plants make it through dry periods while ensuring that your water usage is as efficient as possible.

Interestingly, it is possible for a homeowner to fashion their own version of a drip system relatively easily. By taking a garden hose and poking very small holes in it every few inches, you will be able to drip water directly on the soil near the base of your plants. This will avoid the risk of evaporation wasting much of the water, and it will allow you to more precisely control where the water is being applied.

If the plants on your property do not receive enough moisture, it can be possible for them to suffer serious health issues that could greatly compromise the appearance of your property. In order to make sure that your plants are getting enough water without causing you to do more work than necessary, you will need to be aware of the advantages that using sprinkler and drip irrigation systems can provide.