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Making Your Yard More Welcoming

When guests arrive at your house, what does your front yard say to them? Although it might be easy to write off your lawn or forget about those flowerbeds, the fact of the matter is that your home can say a lot about you as a person. If you maintain a well-groomed, beautiful lawn, your home will look more put-together and organized. On the other hand, grass laden with weeds might make other people think twice about working with your business or having you over for dinner. I want every homeowner to take a good, hard look at their landscaping, so that they can keep their yard from holding them back.


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Make Your Home For Sale More Appealing With Several Landscaping Improvements

Landscaping with curb appeal in mind can help to improve the value of your home, but it is not enough if you want to appeal to the majority of potential homebuyers. To gain the attention of more people during open houses and in the listing for your home, consider making your landscape design as easy to care for as possible. With a focus on low maintenance and benefits for the home, you can ensure that the landscaping is a major selling point. Read More 

Tips To Attract Song Birds To Your Garden

Songbirds, like finches and warblers, can make your garden a more enjoyable place to relax. The best way to encourage their visits is to landscape in a manner that attracts these feathered friends to your yard. The following tips will help you create a songbird-friendly space tight outside your door. Tip #1: Plant in Levels A mixture of low-growing plants, tall-growing plants, and taller trees and shrubs provides the best landscape for a songbird. Read More 

Sanitizing Your Pruning Sheers: What Every Home Gardener Needs To Know

Plants can get diseases just like people. Plant illnesses can pass from plant to plant through infected pruning sheers and other landscape supplies in much the same way that human germs are passed through infected needles. Proper maintenance of your landscaping tools is the only way to prevent your pruning sheers and other gardening implements from spreading illnesses. To disinfect your gardening tools, follow the tips and recommendations below. Disinfect your pruning sheers after every use--or at regular intervals. Read More 

3 Creative Ways To Tame That Slope In Your Yard

Owning a home built on a slope can be challenging. In order to prevent erosion, it's often necessary for these slope-dwelling homeowners to build a retaining wall. If you don't like the look of traditional retaining walls, but you need the support they provide to your landscape, then here are three creative ways you can use to tame the slope in your yard. 1. Create a terrace garden. If your yard is home to a steep slope, you can use a technique known as terrace gardening to prevent erosion. Read More 

Designing And Maintaining A Rustic Farm Landscape

There's a way to curate a charming, elegant scene of simplicity that can bring the emotions of farm life without all of the heavy labor and smells. Whether you're creating a miniature plot of land to represent a vineyard or designing a yard into a farmer's secret garden, you'll need to arrange the irrigation system in a way that is both practical and beautiful. A few concepts of rustic design can help you paint the perfect picture of farm life without sacrificing function for form. Read More